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We're a small family living in Hollis, New Hampshire. We enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, swimming, soccer and skiing. We also enjoy indoor sports including volleyball, tennis and ten-pin bowling. Our three-acre property is always work in progress with the landscaping as it certainly keeps us busy; you just never know what we're transplanting, adding, or working on next. Be sure to check out our Landscape & gardening pages for photos of our many trees, bushes and flowers rewarding our hard work with color.

Image not loaded and Image not loaded met in a chatroom. We actually met purely by coincidence. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship at the time. We just happened to be in the chatroom talking to other people about everything from New England to the weather and eventually, pardon the pun, "clicked" with each other. Like they say, the rest is history and here we are today happily married.

We've met a lot of great friends there that we haven't talked to enough lately.  If you get a chance, stop by, post a "hello", and don't forget to tell them we sent you.  We enjoy the conversations that take place in their chatrooms and value the friendships that have grown from their site.

Image not loaded Our daughter is a Senior at Pentucket High School. She's still cheering strong as captain of the Varsity Cheering squad this year and is practicing hard to learn all their new cheers for this year's competitions. She's also an expert skier so be on the lookout for her this winter at the various mountains in New England.

Speaking of kids, are you looking to make a difference in a child's life? If so, check out your local Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. There are many kids waiting to be matched up with a Big Sister or Big Brother. How do we know this? Well, Lynn became a Big Sister to Deanna back in December of 2002. Deanna is 11 and is an excellent student in the 5th grade. She is also a blue belt in karate. She is a wonderful addition to our family and Lynn and Deanna have enjoyed many various activities together.

It wouldn't be a family without a pet or two. Two of our cats, Boots and Sneakers, are not litter mates but they've known each other since they were kittens and look identical enough to be brothers. Their personalities are very different and always entertaining.

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More Sneakers and Boots photos available in the Pets section of our Family & friends photos.

We recently said goodbye to the oldest of our furry little companions. Orphan Andy was put to rest on November 26th, 2003, after a short battle with cancer. He'll be greatly missed but always remembered.

Sleep in peace my baby And.

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The newest addition to our family is this little sweetie. We adopted her at 5 months old in January of 2004. We had quite a bit of trouble picking a name for her but finally settled on Kachina. Kachinas, "renew the world" according to the Pueblo Indians. We thought this rather appropriate as we deal with the loss of our Andy. Kachina is also the name of a favorite ski trail at Attitash/Bear Peak so it's dual meaning worked well for her name. She LOVES to play and is an extremely pleasant cat to have around. She keeps us laughing with her 4-5 foot jumps to catch her favorite toy, "Da Bird".

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More Kachina photos available in the Pets section of our Family & friends photos.


Motorcycles are everywhere.

Please check your mirrors for bikes like the Gixxer below.

Gixxer Image

Need more than a picture?  Click on the photo for Rob's current ride.